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‘LIFE IS ACTION, NOT CONTEMPLATION’ This quotation from German poet and philosopher Goethe carries a valuable idea. Life is not just a reverie, a dream. It is much more than that; it is action. Without energetic action, life would stagnate. Without great deeds, life would become static and would lose much of its charm. A life of thought and reflection would be quite futile, if thought is never transformed into practical action. It is not that contemplation has no place in life. Contemplation induces peace of mind, tranquility and contentment. Great ideals are usually a product of contemplation. Practically all the germinal ideas of the world have come from thinkers and philosophers with whom contemplation was a habit. Without mature reflection and cool deliberation nothing should be done. Meditation and silent prayer are purifying agents for soul and a sedative for nerves. But contemplation should never be regarded as the aim of human life. Great ideas had not been translated into action by practical men. If the teachings of thinkers like Rousseau and Voltaire had not been given a concrete shape, there would have been no revolution in France. The march of civilization has largely depended upon men of action, men for whom adventure was the breath of life,...
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