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LIMITLESS LOVE Detachment is not renunciation. It is a reorientation of attitudes and lifestyles. Limitless love is free of bondage. It is a creative endeavour that involves a shift in consciousness. According to Sri Aurobindo, when one withdraws from the turmoil of outer life, the evolving consciousness becomes centered and observant like a detached witness. It is a state of neutrality that goes beyond body and mind to communicate with the spirit. Most techniques of self-mastery advise us not to escape from life but to live it intelligently with selflessness and detachment. We must accept responsibility for our circumstances and learn from experiences and events and then rise above the situation. This way we can relate to circumstances without losing our balance. Then we can go through life unaffected. Being centered, yet non-attached, is an art. To correct the imbalances in thought and conduct, just observe yourself objectively. It is not necessary to be judgmental; it is enough to be objective. Be a neutral observer and notice the quality of your experience, but do not get caught in self-criticism or self-approval. This process of self-study eventually leads to detachment. Non-attachment is the vairagya that precedes anurag, the flowering of divine love and bliss. To achieve the latter, sage Patanjali...
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