Jose John August 6, 2016 No Comments
LITERACY IN INDIA Talk to a politician or a bureaucrat about the fate of education he would immediately shift to literacy. He would like to emphasize that literacy picked up in the country during eighties and nineties. For the most of us it is difficult to calculate the number of educated people i.e., those who have studied at least up to higher secondary stage. But for the literate statistics are easily available. And who is considered literate in India? Even one who can write his name and read it is literate. There may be some who can read the headlines of newspaper or go through some lines of a religious book. Any way the statistics are quite deceptive and misleading. They are prepared by the field workers to show their efficiency- if not in producing sizable number of really literate people at least in producing paper records in a sizeable number to please the people at helm of the fainters. Some of them may be true. They are conscientious people everywhere though in small fraction. Taking into consideration the records prepared, Kerala should be proud of having the largest number of literates in the country. It is 98% by the end of nineties. Kerala has been always known as country’s showcase state in Education. Southern states have always risen to the need of the...
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