Essay Writing Topics on LITTLE GESTURES MATTER

English_Master February 25, 2016 No Comments
LITTLE GESTURES MATTER All the hype about confidence-building measures (CBMs) in Kashmir can be infectious. Yet while the CBMs or lack of them certainly provides the growing tribe of ‘con­flict-management’ and ‘conflict resolution’ scholars and ana­lysts grist for their many conferences, they appear to be mak­ing little impact on the ground. This is not surprising. While CBMs and Indo-Pak talks and discussions on demilitarization continue, little appears to have changed in Srinagar and other parts of the Kashmir val­ley. While the army and Border Security Force may have moved back in the city itself, their presence elsewhere is as visible as it always was — a road trip from Jammu to Srinagar will provide sufficient evidence of that. Even in Sinagar, demilitarization has only meant that the old-style camouflage uniform of the army has given way to the fancier uniform of the CRPF. That, and yes, one bunker right opposite the Juma Masjid has been removed. All the other bunkers remain — they have now been concretized and painted in an attempt for them to merge with the surrounding shops. The ever friendly CRPF even has slogans exhorting Kashmiris to reject violence, to assist government in crushing the militancy. Ironi­cally, as a local pointed out, they’re all in Hindi —...
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