Essay Writing Topics about LOKADALAT

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LOKADALAT OR NEETHI MELA Lok Adalat, as the name suggests, is the court of the people. As justice Iyer has said it is a court “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It can hardly be called a court as the scene is quite different from the one people see in the law courts from the Taluka level to the Supreme Court, the highest seat of justice in the country. The first experiment of a Lok Adalat was made by Harivallabhbhai Parekh at Rangpur in Gujarat in 1982. Rangpur is a small town. Mr. Parekh realized that even small case of family problems, matrimonial problem, compensa¬≠tion of accidents, farm feuds and many other noncriminal petty cases Poor people have to run from court to court. Sometimes they have to go even appellate courts in cities and High Courts in the Capital. The case lingers on for years together. The poor man is exploited by lawyers, bureaucrats and other government officials. In some of the litigations they spend even more than the amount involved. Moreover they face the pressure from land lord and the village money lender who have their own pulls. In some cases they face the pressure from politicians too. Some petty cases linger on...
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