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LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP Introduction: Prima facie, this proverb cautions the one who wants to take a swim in a lake or pond or in the sea. It is not how deep the water is, because a good swimmer need not bother about depth. But then there are other looming dangers in any water bodies, like snakes, crocs or the creepers of the lotus flower that would entwine around one’s legs. Hence, it is said Look before you leap. Explanation: Besides cautioning about swimming, it advices to be careful before commencing any new venture. The word ‘Look’ means to analyze the pros and cons of a thing that we intend to pursue. It can better be termed as having a vision or plan before we swing into action. And the word ‘Leap’ denotes our action. This is how a wise man is implementing his move, a calculated one which is called, Mission. It is a practical move. These two aspects are the basic things to face any task or situation. Even wars are fought this way: with a clear vision and mission; in other words, planning and execution. This is applicable not only to the elders, but more pertinent to the student community also. What a student wants to...
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