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MALNOURISHMENT – “NATIONAL SHAME” Despite various surveys repeatedly screaming their heads off about the malnutrition, 42 per cent of the Indian children under five years are malnourished, 59 percent suffer mental retardation and other serious ailments! This is a glaring lapse on the part of the government that in India children below five years continue to suffer and become more prone to illness due to lack of nourishment. Speaking about this alarming issue, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has rightly termed it as a, “National Shame.” This was once again highlighted on the 3rd day of the “International Conference on Science, Society and Sustainability,” held at Lady Doak College in Madurai, South Tamil Nadu, India, from Jan 11 to 13, 2012. Many eminent persons spoke about the importance of nourishment for the growing mind. Taking inventory of the earlier reports, (given below) it is obvious that the concerned are in deep slumber. Will they ever wake up? HUNGaMA report had highlighted the looming danger of malnutrition. Naandi Foundation revealed the ill-fated situation in prevalent. The National Family Health Surveys also came out with an exhaustive report. National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau unearthed this fateful situation before. Yet, nothing concrete has been found out or done so far. The Indian government...
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