MAN AND SCIENCE: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master February 20, 2016 No Comments
MAN AND SCIENCE Man, the creation of God, has reasoning powers to put things in order in their environments. God gives them wonderful lights such as knowledge, wisdom, understanding and skill to fulfill the goals of men’s lives on this Earth but in this world there is a strong corporate sense, ‘Plenty of all -poverty for many’. There is one thing and only one thing that causes breakdown in men-an exploitation of human and natural resources on earth. The cause of breakdown starts when men become greedy and strive hard to monopolize the Earth’s resources under private ownership and also to dominate their fellow beings. Their life styles become pompous and gregarious and hence, this necessitates them to grab more and more from nature. Their value systems changed to exalt all personal achievements, even at the expense of others and their outlooks become too narrow and human culture itself is degenerated. The net result is that humanity is plunged into perennial conflicts of interests ridden with all sorts of hostilities, both individual and collective. This disrupted harmony and peace everywhere on the Earth. Today basic needs of men are limited while Earth’s resources are unlimited if used only to meet these limited needs of men. When the natural character...
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