Essay about MARCONI

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MARCONI – THE SCIENTIST WHO GAVE VOICE TO THE AIR Hats off to Marconi, the scientist and inventor of Wireless Radio which had saved 705 lives when the ship, Luxury Liner, Titanic sank in 1912. As majestic as it was named, the prestigious British ship Titanic, weighing 46,328 tons and measuring 882 feet from stem to stern, during her maiden voyage over the second biggest ocean, Atlantic, rammed against an ice berg and sank! There were about 2000 passengers on board. Death was certain to everyone. But then it was the Wireless Radio on the ship that sent an SOS message through a Wireless Radio brought a rescue ship, Carpathia on the scene that saved as many as 705 people! Just what is a Wireless Radio? Who invented it and when? It was Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian Scientist who invented it in the year 1895. He was born in Bologna, on April 24, 1874 to wealthy parents. Well educated, he had shown great interest in Physics and Electricity. Once, when he was holidaying in the Alps Mountain he stumbled on to a journal that said electricity and magnetic energy could travel in waves in the air. He shut himself in his lab and he went on to work unceasingly...
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