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MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.- A TOWERING SYMBOL OF PEACE “To other countries, I go as a tourist but to India I come as a pilgrim,” said Martin Luther King Jr. soon after his flight landed at the New Delhi airport on the morning of March 10, 1959. It is worth mentioning at the lead that the world leader I admire most is Martin Luther King Jr. after I had read his biography written by his widowed wife, Coretta Scott King. King Jr. was a coloured leader who laid down his life while fighting against injustice meted out to the coloured people (Negro people) of America in America! The civil war that King Jr. had waged relentlessly, eradicated the crude practice of unjust bus segregation laws prevailing then where coloured people were banned to sit next to the white! Rising to this occasion, King Jr. led a mass of protestors, however, advocating non-violence and peaceful ways on a par with the Gandhian policy of Satyagraha! This evoked the white people’s anger. His house was bombed, his near and dear were beaten up, and the warped justice put numerous coloured people behind bars. Yet, enduring all these, King Jr. did not deviate from his policy: non­ violence! He suffered grievous injuries...
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