Jose John May 20, 2016 No Comments
MEETING MINIMUM NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE What are the minimum requirements of people to help them live like self-respecting human beings? In common parlance, we say roti, kapra aur makan. Though the minimum needs may cover more areas, even food, clothing and shelter may not be available to several lakhs of people. Merely saying that we have enough food stocks or we are self-sufficient in food will not fill hungry stomachs. Nobody can deny that there are starvation deaths here and there; add to this the millions of cases of child malnutrition and maternal malnutrition. Have we ever counted the number of street children roaming the railway platforms and city streets picking rags and leftovers for a living? Have we ever bothered about the lakhs of migrants who sleep on the pavements and under the flyovers in the cities? They lived a miserable life in the faraway villages and trekked to the cities for a better life. They may have here only sky as the roof, but at least they can manage to assuage the pangs of hunger. Most people who die during severe winter in Northern India are the poor who cannot afford sufficient food and who do not have a shelter for spending the night. Delhi has...
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