Essay Writing Topics about MENTAL POLLUTION

Jose John April 10, 2016 No Comments
MENTAL POLLUTION   People talk of air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, nuclear pollution, ground water pollution and the one that affects the ozone layer. All of them are just dwarfs when one looks into the mental pollution. The whole human society suffers from it. The pollution of nature and natural resources can be checked. Laws can be enacted to stop them. Laws check them in most of the developed countries. But what about the mental pollution? It has shaken the moral concepts that are the basis of human life. The modem concept of development is not the development of humanity. It means the development of resources that add to the wealth not of a nation but of an individual. The moral pollution is making cracks in the society. The more wealth a man has the more corrupt he is – excep­tions apart. For the modem man “Sarve gunah kanchawam – ashrayte”. All the virtues are under the sway of gold. Materialism is a polluted concept. It throws man into the grip of Satan. The moral pollution results in money laundering and scams. It changes a man into a devil. The devil goes back to the Stone Age. The only difference is that stones were the armaments of the people...
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