Jose John April 15, 2016 No Comments
MODERN JOURNALISM It is a profession and the one who opts for it is called a journalist. His duty is to gather news and disseminate. It has many branches. A closer look at this glamorous profession! It is said that man is a keen animal and that he wants to know what is happening around him, his immediate surroundings, district, state, country and around the world, as well. Previously, the message from a king was relayed by a drum beater who would position at a place, attract the crowd and tell them what needed to be communicated. Later, man used pigeons to send messages. The invention of printing machine in 1440 by the Chinese gave a face-lift to this. And the world’s first newspaper was, ‘Peking Gazette’ their govt, publication. And in India, the first printing press was established by Portuguese Christian missionaries in 1550, in Goa. It was Tamil Nadu to set up the second Printing press in 1578, and the third was in Malabar, Kerala, in 1602. Country-wise few first news papers. Country Name of the Newspaper Year of Publication New Zealand Ung 16th Century France Gazette de France 1641 England Daily Courant March, 11,1702 America Boston Newsletter April 24, 1704 India* Bengal Gazette (Hicky Gazette) Jan....
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