English_Master February 24, 2016 No Comments
MUSHARRAF IS PROVIDING TOO CLEVER FOR THE US Articles in the American press have begun to speculate about General Pervez Musharraf s exit strategy. US assistant secretary of state Richard Boucher met opposition leaders and journalists in Pakistan and tried to reassure them about Ameri­can pressure on Musharraf to conduct free and fair polls. He discussed with Musharraf the possibility of the general shed­ding his uniform. Boucher also met Pakistan’s chief election commissioner and talked to him about the complaint from Benazir Bhutto regarding millions of missing voters from the electoral rolls. How serious is the US about ensuring free and fair elec­tions in Pakistan? Are they capable of enforcing their objec­tive? What options does Musharraf have? These are matters for serious analysis by India’s foreign office, intelligence agen­cies, media and academia. It is pertinent to recall that in 1999, weeks before the October coup, the US state department had warned Musharraf against it. The general had then ignored US advice, and Washington had to swallow Musharraf s de­fiance. The US was similarly snubbed when Musharraf sabo­taged the Bill Clinton-Nawaz Sharif agreement to train Paki­stani security forces to track Osama bin Laden. Musharraf has a long and successful record of making promises to the US and subsequently going back...
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