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MY AMBITION IN LIFE Choosing a career of one’s liking is not very easy and to achieve one’s ambition is still tougher. Like all other children in my primary school days I liked to be a bus driver, an engine driver, a doctor and so on. Now that I am bigger, I feel I would like to be a teacher. I think teaching is a very noble profession. First of all, a teacher should be a model to all his students. By teaching, one has to further the education of one’s students and also shape them as worthy citizens of our country. A student expects his teacher to be able to clear all his doubts at least in the subject concerned. So a teacher should be thorough in his subject. Since a teacher deals with students of different traits, it is necessary for the teacher to be tactful, firm and to have a sense of humour too! Any sort of situation can crop up in a class! So common sense with quick-wit is an added asset for a teacher. I also think that a teacher will have a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction when he sees his old students doing well and occupying important positions in life.


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MY AMBITION IN LIFE The world is too much with us Getting and spending we lay waste our powers. When Wordsworth wrote these lines he was rather bored with the material ambitions of the people. Is material gaining the only aim of life? People run after money. They build palacious buildings and enjoy all the luxuries of the world. Aren’t they bored with it? Many a rich man in Europe and the USA has started asking ‘Is this the life for which we were born as man’? Young Ford wanted to turn a spiritualist. Many have become that I followers of Indian saints. Naturally I am not tempted to be either a millionaire or a political personality. I agree with Thomas Gray that The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power and all that beauty, all that wealth ever gave. Awaits alike the inevitable hour: The paths of glory lead but to the grave I have an ambition to serve the nation by serving the poor. To earn my livelihood I shall have to seek some job. I would like to be a lecturer so that I may always be in the touch of young men. I will organize these young men to help the poor. Poverty is so...
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MY AMBITION IN LIFE Ambition is the very basis of man’s success. Without any kind of ambition, a man is incapable of achieving anything. In reality, it is the ambition of a man that leads him to the heights of success. Man’s ambition has been responsible for the creation of great civilization, cultures and scientific achievements. Carlyle said: “know your work and do it”. Truly we have to know first our target in life. But I don’t have an ambition that is beyond reach. I am very practical. I have, therefore, decided to become an electrical engineer. It is an age of electronics. There is great scope in our country for electronic development. I can get loan from bank. I would start my own industry to produce electronic items. I would employ many persons. Thus I would help solve the unemployment problem. I would manufacture new electronic items of top quality. Thus I would become a useful citizen of my country.


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MY AMBITION IN LIFE We are all ambitious. But differ from person to person. Some want to amass wealth whereas some others wish to become actors, doctors or collectors. Yet some others like to be leaders or pleaders. Every person likes to enjoy a significant position in the society. He desires to gain a special position either by his wealth, art or intellect. My ambition is to become a world sportsman. I want to be the world champion in running. The flying Singh Mr. Milkha Singh and the sprint queen Mrs. P.T.Usha are my inspirers. To have ambition is one thin and to achieve it is another thing. Anybody can have ambition but how many could make their ambition reality? I have a strong desire to reach my goal. So I engaged a very good coach to teach me proper techniques of running. He is coaching me excellently. I am grateful to my coach for hi constant and continuous guidance. One should be ambitious to achieve something in life, he says. I do hard work as suggested by my coach. I concentrate on my studies as well and get good results. He appreciated these qualities in me. Perhaps these are the assets my guide saw in me. That is...
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MY AMBITION IN LIFE : Short Essay Topics

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MY AMBITION IN LIFE Every young person has a dream, an ambition to achieve something in life. Without ambition ‘life would be like rudderless ship’. Our life must have certain directions and we must sail in that direction only. As for me, my aim in life is to become a doctor. By becoming a doctor will be serving my nation. I shall not run after money. I shall distribute free medicine to the poor people. I shall open up a hospital in my native village, as there are no medical facilities over there. I know that for becoming a doctor, I shall have to work very hard. But I am determined to achieve what I have decided to. I shall leave no stone unturned to achieve my aim. Since my childhood days, I have cherished this dream and shall strive hard to achieve my goal.


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MY AMBITION IN LIFE A person without ambition is a boat without rudder. He just does not know how to make a proper use for his life and labour. He is always at the mercy of others who put him to use or that use, right use or wrong use. God has made everyone of us to find that purpose and pursue it throughout our lives. A person without aim is like an arrow without a target. He just does not know where to go and how to put his energies to the best possible use. He is fully and frequently at the mercy of others. He is lead to and fro by the waves of good luck or bad luck. He never understands life and life does not understand him. Ambition is agreat incentive to work. If you an ambition you can pursue it all your life and never feel tired. It drives you on and on quite tirelessly. You must decide early in life whether you want to become an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a banker, join Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign  Service, Army, Air Force or Navy or become commercial pilot, or a scientist, philosopher, writer or a poet, a musician or an...
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