Essay Writing Topic on MY AIM IN LIFE: TO BE A PILOT

English_Master October 11, 2015 No Comments
MY AIM IN LIFE: TO BE A PILOT We have several family friends who are working in the Air Force. Most of them are pilot. So, ever since my childhood I have developed a keen interest in the Air Force I wish to be a pilot. I have heard that the life of pilot is full of thrill, adventure and challenge. All these attract one to join the Air Force as a pilot. Whenever I hear drown of an aircraft I look up to see it. Now I can ascertain the type of plane the ‘moving’ in the air. Indian Air Force consists of different types of aircraft of different purposes. Transport aircrafts are now consists of AN-32 and IL-76 besides Auro 748. Fighter- interceptors are Mig 21, 21M, 21 BIS, Mig 23, Mig 25, Mig 27 and Mig 29. Ajeet, Mirage 2000 etc. Bombers are Canberra and Jaguar. Indian Navy has some types of air craft. But sides, there are different types of helicopters in the Air Force and Navy. Many types of air craft’s are manufactured in India by H.A.L.  I wish to be a pilot because I wish to lead an active life. As a pilot I can be active and face various types of challenges....
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