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 MY FAVOURITE POET I am a great lover of poetry. I learn poems in my literature class and I have studied my poets in detail. Shelly, Keats, Yeats, Wordsworth etc. have been taught to us since we were in class V. Of all the English poets, the one l am most font of is Wordsworth. He belonged to the romantic age, the age that was a reaction to neo-classical poetry of the 18th century. Wordsworth wrote in a unconventional style with a diction that was easy to understand. His poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility. He was not so concerned with the downfall of kings and queens. He was more concerned with the simple people that he came across in his life. The more simple a person was the more appealing Wordsworth found him. That is the reason why some of his most beautiful and touching poems about a solitary girl who reaps in the field. She is an ordinary village girl who sings a sad plaintive song and this is enough to transfix Wordsworth to the place where he heard her song echoing in the valley. Wordsworth was a worshipper of nature. It was his firm belief that the company of nature brings...
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