Jose John October 7, 2015 No Comments
MY FAVOURITE SCIENTIST My favourite scientist is Thomas Alva Edison. Now as a child he was considered to be a foll. He was not attentive to his studies and could not pull on well at school. His wise and sympathetic mother, however, succeeded in teaching him the essentials of education, reading, writing and arithmetic. Pressed by poverty, Edison had to work for a living at an early age. But from his very childhood, he was fond of making various experiments some of which made him the laughing stock of the common people. A kind railway guard allowed him to set up his laboratory and printing press in compartment of the train. Besides selling fruits and candles, Edison sold his own paper edited and printed by himself: unluckily one day a bottle broke and inflammable substance in it set fire to some of the boards. The angry guard put young Thomas along with his apparatus and printing press, out at the next station. Edison now carried on his experiments at his home: one day he stood school talking to a telegraph operator at the railway station when one of his children ran towards a coming train and jumped on to the lines. Edison dashed forward with the speed of lighting...
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