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MY FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL I passed class V from M.D. Jain Inter College, Agra. In class VI, I got admission in Govt. Inter College, Agra. The admission was extremely difficult and was based on admission test. A good number of students was eager to take admission so they all appeared for the admission test. The class teacher of class VI arranged the test. The test consisted of English, Mathematics, and Preliminary Science. All the questions were written on the black board and the students were asked to answer the question. I could solve most of the question satisfactorily and hoped to be admitted. The results were declared five days later and I got the admission. I paid the requisite fees and purchased the books and exercise books from the local market. For the whole day I turned the pages of newly purchased book. New book had some definite attractions. Next day I went to attend the class. As the school starts with class VI all the students were new to the institution. Everyone was eager to know about others. A few groups emerged. Players formed one group; residents of the same locality formed another group, and so on. At 10 a.m. the bell struck and first period started....
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