Jose John March 31, 2016 No Comments
MY MOST INTERESTING DREAM We all have dreams. We are dreaming most of the nights. But these dreams are not clear to us. We soon forget them and remember nothing when the day breaks. Now and then we have a dream which is so clear that it becomes like a cinematographic picture on the screen of our imagination. We remember the dream forever and forever as if it were something that actually happened to us. I had one such dream just one night just before a child was expected to be born in our family. I saw that I was visiting an old stone house in Shimla or some mountainous country. There lived an English couple in that house and they had a small baby who was very beautiful. There came a snake charmer with a basket of snakes. He played upon his pipe so that the snakes came out of the basket. They danced and played with the child quite harmlessly. The boy was very beautiful, always laughing, always chattering. He would print a long kiss on the face of the person who said to him, “Master Printer, print a line”. His name was Master Printer and his job was to print a kiss on the face of...
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