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NATIONAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was set up as a new federal agency, approved by the Indian Government to combat terror in India.  Its creation was hastened especially after the November, 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. The NIA became a law, when President Pratibha Patil gave her assent on 30th December, 2008 to the National Investigative Agency Bill and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill. From the same day, a round the clock information gathering and sharing centre on terrorism came into effect. The agency has been empowered to deal with terror-related crimes across states without special permission from the states. It can investigate any crime which has an implication with terrorism, left wing extremism, narcotics and similar type of offences. When a case is registered in the local police station, according to the gravity of the reports, it will be sent to the State government and further from State government to the NIA. NIA is also authorized to investigate a matter suo motu and is also allowed to reject a case forwarded to it by the State government. NIA has concurrent jurisdiction which empowers the centre to probe terror attacks in any part of the country, covering offences, including challenge to the country’s sovereignty and integrity, bomb...
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