NATIONALISM versus REGIONALISM: Essay Topics Writing

Jose John April 16, 2016 No Comments
NATIONALISM versus REGIONALISM Nationalism means giving importance to the whole nation. Re­gionalism means thinking of a particular region or area only. We must remember that all the areas were united in giving a fight to the Britishers for our freedom. None thought of Gujarati, Marathi, Madrasi or Bengali. All considered the whole country as one unit and secured freedom for the whole country. It is true that the eating habits and the dress of different areas have been different. As it is very hot in the south people wear lungi. Kashmir being very cold people would cover the whole body with wool­ens. As coconut is grown in abundance in south most of the preparations have coconut in them. Its oil is used in frying. The North has mustard in abundance while Gujarat is rich in groundnut. Naturally mustard oil and groundnut oil are used in these areas. The same is true about other eat­ables. But the culture in the whole country is the same. Same Gods and Goddesses are worshipped throughout the country. People of the whole country throng at the Kumbh Melas held at different places. It shows the basic unity among the people. The post independence traditions are a bit different. The third gen­eration youth had not...
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