Jose John May 5, 2016 No Comments
NATIONALISM VS INTERNATIONALISM Our era is an era of nation-states that have emerged out of the process of struggle against the colonial rule of imperialist powers. The struggle had a global character because war of independence was worldwide to win sovereignty by overthrowing imperialist regimes. The downfall of imperialism began with the Czariat Empire in 1917, during the First World War (1914-18), when Communist Revolution took place in Russia resulting in emancipation of several states that were annexed by Czar in course of time. Thus as an aftermath of the Second World War (1939-45), the Great British Empire crippled and bowing to the national movement affected transfer of power in 1947 in India with which began an era of end of British rule n its colonies in Asia and Africa, one after another. As such, the end of colonialism is marked by rise of nationalism as an international phenomenon. Because of this situation, all other colonial and imperialist power of Europe -France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, – who are confronting national movements in their colonies in Asia and Africa, also had to pull out from their respective colonies thus causing rise of more nation-states, including in Eastern Europe. Now, let us come to the very concept of nationalism Broadly...
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