NAXALITES TODAY: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master February 24, 2016 No Comments
NAXALITES TODAY Forty years after the first spark, they are stronger than ever Forty years after the Naxalbari uprising, it is remarkable that Maoism remains a potent political force. It has survived the disappearance of Maoism in the land of its origin and the collapse of the Soviet bloc. It has survived the retreat of the Left in academia and trade unions, which contributed to the rise of a middle class that was indifferent to politics, in gen­eral and the Left in particular. It has survived the rise of caste, as opposed to class, politics as well as the growing sway of the ideology of Hindutva. It has survived even the rise of the NGO sector, which, barring exceptions, precluded a platform to those who sought to separate ‘social’ work from ‘political’ work. While some Naxals of the 60s and 70s did an about-turn in their political beliefs and practices, the movement seems none the weaker for that reason. True, the far Left landscape is a minefield of splinter groups, but for all their differences these organizations pose a serious threat to state power. Therefore, when one lakes stock of 40 years of Naxalism, one should understand it as a phenomenon of the present rather than the past. The...
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