Jose John August 5, 2016 No Comments
NEED FOR SOCIAL REFORM FOR THE DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA On the stroke of midnight, the 15th of August 1947, we take up to life and freedom. But very soon we were back again in the same old track, prosperity, modernization and healthy living seen a distant reality and possibility. Now it is not the English who enslaved us but we are enslaved by our own old orthodox views and function. After years of independence our progress has been very slow. Mere modernization will not make our nation great but modernization should be started from the grass root level. If the society is modem, up dated and free from prejudices, India will surely gain its true independence from mental slavery and will surely jump to a successful nation. The main drawback of our society is that gender discrimination. Men and women are the two wheels of life. Life can never be a smooth sailing of one of its wheels neglected. Men should always remember that “behind every great man, there is a woman”. By giving equal rights to woman, India can take the first step towards social and economic development. Reforms should be initiated to make the people realize the benefit of equal treatment to the females. Another problem faced...
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