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NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE “I stand for truth; I fight for truth and I shall die for truth”, said Subhash in one of his memorable speeches. Subhash Chandra Bose was born at Cuttack in Orissa, in an upper middle class family. He was a born leader of men. His father was public prosecutor of Cuttack. Subhash had a distinguished educational career and always topped the list. He went to England to complete for the Indian Civil Service. But the glamour of Indian Civil Service did not hold his heart. He had a burning desire to serve Mother India. He resigned the I.C.S. within a year and became a soldier in the struggle for India’s freedom. He pos¬≠sessed all the sterling qualities of head and heart. He combined with him the patriot’s enthusiasm and inspiration and the adventurer’s love of daring. He was a man of unflinching determination. His self-discipline and spiritual inspiration were remarkable. Destiny had cut him out for great things. He never ran after fame, ease, comfort, money and family. He cheerfully renounced all as if to fulfill a mission for which he was born and destined. In the beginning, he was an ardent follower of Gandhiji. With the speed of lighting, he rose from one position...
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