English_Master December 12, 2015 No Comments
NEVER PUT OFF TILL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY “Procrastination” said William Shakespeare, “is the thief of time”. In our scriptures also, we are exhorted to do what we are sup­posed to do immediately without wasting any time. Postponing an action is like defeating its very purpose or delaying or weakening the results that it is supposed to yield. Remember the old saying, “For want of a nail, an empire was lost”. It is said that a rider carry­ing a message during wartime was careless. He knew that a nail had fallen off from his horse’s hoof. His immediate task should have been to stop his journey midway and get the nail fixed up properly. . But, instead, he preferred to continue his journey because he thought that a missing nail from the horse’s hoof would not make much difference to the speed of the horse. The horse galloped for some time before it stopped on account of pain. Another nail had fallen off. But the rider was still not bothered. He continued the journey. Soon, the horse fell down; it had become lame. It refused to get up and gallop further. The message was not delivered in time to the general, to whom it had been urgently...
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