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NEWSPAPERS AND OUR DAILY LIFE Newspapers are the mirrors of daily life. All that happens in the daily life is mirrored in the newspapers. Those who read the newspapers every day are ahead with the latest facts. All important local, national, and foreign news are given in the newspapers. Therefore, the habit of reading newspapers is very important. Its value in the modern life is tremendous. One who does not read newspapers everyday is ignorant about what is happening around him. Newspapers also create opinion and wield powerful influence in the development of events around you. You may not be journalist and your articles may not be published by the editors of the papers but you can always write a good letter to the editor of a newspaper, expressing your opinion on certain events and it will be published. You can even criticize the editorial of a newspaper if you find something wrong with it and it will be published if you are sincere and clear-cut in your views about it. Newspapers shape the policies of government and the nation. They reflect the public opinion and also shape the public opinion. They are reflectors, builders and creators of public opinion. Therefore, newspapers have a great educative value. Curiosity is...
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