NEWSPAPER: Essay Writing Topics

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NEWSPAPER In a democratic set up the role and responsibilities of the Press is very high. It is one of the four pillars that sustain democracy. It is as important as other pillars i.e. the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The power of the press is much more than we see. It has an unwritten supremacy over the other three pillars. It criticizes the government, criticizes both the ruling and opposition parties. It suggests ways to improve the functioning of the government. Now it has come forward to criticize the judiciary too. Nowadays we come in contact with news and articles criticizing the judiciary for its verdict on Plachimada, for the acquittal of the accused in the sex scandal case etc. The power and strength of the Press is revealed here. The power unless used with great care will cause severe damage. The first and foremost duty of the Press is to furnish uncoloured news. Also, it should furnish news on all fields such as science, economics, politics etc. Suppression of news should not be avoided nor should undue emphasis be laid. Some Dailies of vested interests now print unimportant and trivial news items in the front page while the news of importance get placement in the inner...
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Essay Writing Topics on NEWSPAPER

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NEWSPAPER Nowadays newspapers are playing a key role in the life of a human being. People have become so crazy that they can’t do anything without reading a newspaper. As the day dawns newspaper hawkers start rushing on cycle through streets of the city. Many people can’t have their bed tea without newspaper. Many people need it before they open their eyes. If by chance it gets late they wait for it so eagerly as if they are waiting for something the most special. Today newspapers are very important. They impart us the knowledge of the whole world. As man has developed his thirst for newspaper, he quenches his thirst by knowing what is happening in the world. Current affairs of the world become known to us. We get political, economic and many other important information by reading them. They are very helpful in giving the news of all kinds. Commercial and news related to trade is found in them. Dealing at stock exchange, quotation of prices, news about the manufactured articles, rated of gold and silver and other commodities are published in them. There we find the news for politicians, lawyers, businessmen, sportsmen and job seekers. All of them read the column of their choice and come to...
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