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NO ROSE WITHOUT A THORN Introduction: Rose needs no advertisement. Its beauty speaks volume. Former Prime Minister Pandit Nehru was always seen with a rose tucked in his overcoat.  In Hindu temples, one can see the roses decorate the deity in the sanctum sanctorum. However, there is one thing about rose. One has to be very watchful when plucking the rose from the garden, for it is surrounded by sharp thorns. Explanation: This proverb implicit what life is to a person, no matter whether or not educated, rich or poor or whatever the social standings of an individual. Life comprises both good and bad, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow, success and failure, and similarly all ups and downs. All the plus points or the high spots can be compared with the rose, while the low spots are like the thorns that surround these beautiful flowers. To throw more light on this, one cannot go on earning without spending, or vice versa. Every coin has two sides. Every man has two qualities: that which he exhibits and that which he has in reality. We have heard one complain, saying that the thorn had plucked him/her while plucking the rose. But reading between the lines, it is the person who...
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