NOISE IN MODERN LIFE: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John June 5, 2016 No Comments
NOISE IN MODERN LIFE Civilization has conferred many benefits on man but it has also created a number of problems for him. There is first of all the problem of environmental pollution. The rapid pace of industrialization has made this pollution almost a galloping disease and if nothing is done to stem it, mankind will find its existence threatened as much by this pollution as by the atom bomb. Another malady of this civilization is the obliquity of noise. The skies, the earth and the seas are all echoing to the hell-noises that emanate from the different engines that man in his folly has devised. The Babel of noises is a phenomenon, which is a by-product of his much-vaunted civilization. There are, first of all, the noises that descend from the skies. The aero planes whir and whiz. The zoom across the sky with terrific speed producing in the process a jangle that grates on the human ear. Particularly distressing are the sound-barriers, which give one the impression that the sky is being rent into two. If one happens to reside in the neighbourhood of a hanger, life becomes particularly intolerable. It is not the whirr of a moment; it is a long-drawn-out spell of grating sound which may...
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