Essay Writing Topics about NUCLEAR DEAL

Jose John June 7, 2016 No Comments
NUCLEAR DEAL The Indo-U.S. Civilian Nuclear Agreement is the name commonly attributed to a bilateral agreement on nuclear co-operation between the United State of America and the Republic of India. On August 1, 2008 the IAEA (International Atomic Energe Agency) approved the safeguards agreement with India. The 45 nations NSG granted the waiver to India on September 6, 2008 allowing it to access civilian nuclear technology and fuel from other countries. The U.S. House of Representative passed bill on 28 September 2008. On October 1, 2008 the US Senate also approved the civilian nuclear agreement allowing India to buy nuclear fuel and technology from the United Status. The Agreement was signed by Indian External Affair Minister Pranav Mukharjee and his counterpart Secretary of State (USA) Condoleezza Rice, on 10 October, 2008. America amended the section 123 of the US. Atomic Energy Act to permit nuclear cooperation with India and in particular to negotiate a 123 Agreement to operationalize the 2005 Joint Statement. The 123 agreement defines the terms and conditions for bilateral civilian nuclear cooperation, and requires separate approvals by the US Congress and by Indian cabinet ministers. According to the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, the agreement will help India to attain its...
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