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NUCLEAR POLLUTION Power starving world took shelter under the umbrella of nuclear plants. The people became wiser. They changed the atomic power into energy through atomic plants. They did not know that the radiation from these plants would be as dangerous – even more – as that from ultra violet rays of the sun. Man cannot gain immunity from it. The nuclear plants are good only till they do not let radioactive fumes come out. It may come at intervals affecting animal’s world including man and poison food too. The developed countries started the plants as they wanted more energy for their luxurious life. As soon as they realized the hazards of these plants they propagated the usefulness of the plants in developing countries being misled by the West many third world countries purchased the plants from the former. The west started dismantling their own – but only after the serious leakage at Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986. 1,35,000 persons had to be moved to safer places within two and a half hours. Arthur Purcell reminded the world that it was “another example of technology’s limit in serving humanity.” Besides the death of a large number of people the radioactive particles spread to Germany and polluted the atmosphere in...
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