Essay Writing Topics on Onam

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ONAM How can the people of Kerala forget the prosperity showered on them by Mahabali the King of Mahabalipuram, thousands of years ago. He is destined to be back to his land every year with the blessings of Lord Vishnu to be with his people and grace the occasion. The whole Kerala waits for the arrival of their sovereign on the Shravan Nakshtra of the month of Shravan in August or September. As he would visit the entire households incognito all are to be swept and cleaned. People would decorate their houses with balloons and festoons – gay and fresh beautiful flowers. Sisters in the North would grace the month by tying rakhi on the wrist of their brothers on Rakshabandhan. The entrance — yes from where Mahabali would enter the house must have a graceful look. Let’s have rangoli at the gate to please the King who was fond of all that was beautiful morally and materially. The king was so powerful that he had his sway over the three ‘Lokas’ – heaven – earth and hell. Naturally Indira, the leader of gods became envious lest he (Mahabali) should snatch away his throne. He approached Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, being partial to the gods became a dwarf and...
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ONAM: Essay Writing Topics

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ONAM Onam is the national festival of Kerala. It usually comes off in the month of August or September. Men, women and children eagerly look forward to this festival. It is celebrated for four days all over Kerala. During the Onam days, the atmosphere in Kerala is surcharged with I dance and drama, song and music, games and sports of all kinds. It is a j festival of joy for the people of Kerala. Onam is connected with the legend of a King called Mahabali who ruled over Mahabalipuram in ancient times. The story goes that King Mahabali deeply loved his subjects. The people of Mahabalipuram were very happy and prosperous. They respected and adored the King like a god of heaven. The respect and regard that the King enjoyed aroused the jealousy of the gods of heaven. They sent Vishnu to the King in the guise of a Brahmin boy named Vaman to dethrone him. Vaman ap­peared in the court of the king and made a request for a piece of land which could be covered by his three small steps. The king readily agreed soon, Vaman appeared in his true colours and covered the whole area of the earth and heaven in just two steps. There was...
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