Essay Writing Topics about OTHELLO AS A TRAGIC HERO

Jose John May 8, 2016 No Comments
OTHELLO AS A TRAGIC HERO Introduction Othello is a classic tragic hero that stands out as distin­guished individual failing in the encounter with evil. Brought to us through Shakespeare’s genius, he compares in signifi­cance to other personalities including Oedipus, Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet and other tragic heroes. This paper will focus on the explication of Othello as a tragic hero and his corre­spondence to the canons for tragic protagonists. Othello and Aristotle’s Definition of Tragedy To decide how well Othello fits into the mold of a tragic hero, one needs to accept in the first place a working defini­tion of tragedy and tragic hero. The theorists exploring trag­edy almost universally draw upon the classic account of this play variety in Aristotle’s Poetics. The prominent Greek phi­losopher defined a heroic tragedy in the following way: “A truly tragic plot is a disastrous reversal of fortune, coming, through his own fault, to a man of essentially noble quality, accompanied by the discovery that some other person or per­sons are not what they had seemed… test of a great trag­edy is its power to cleanse the beholders’ emotions through the pity and fear which it awakens in them” (Othello: the tragic hero). This cleansing that is realized through pity and fear...
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