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OUR DUTY TOWARDS THE MOTHERLAND After independence the Motherland is most probably the greatest casualty in India. The Motherland is free and we have nothing to do with her. She may arrange her affairs as she thinks proper as if the Motherland is different from us. Our forefathers did a lot to free her. Now that she is free our duty is over. Such thinking is very common in our country. The true concept was given by Nehru. He said by Motherland we mean the land, the rivers, the mountains, all the natural wealth and the people of the country. Thus we too are a part of the Motherland. If we think of the prosperity of the Motherland we think of our own prosperity. Our greatest duty towards the Motherland is to create national consciousness among the people, especially the youth. They should realize that if the Motherland suffers all of us suffer. We should unite and strengthen the country so that it may not be slave again. The forces that were responsible for the partition of the country always raise their head to create disunity. We should build up man force to face them. It cannot be done by raising slogans or arranging processions. To build a real...
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