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OUR EDUCATION POLICY In olden times India was known as the center place of knowledge and learning. In the beginning teachers used to give education to their students in their own houses or Ashramas. Later universities were opened.  Where education of Ayurveda, Literature and Astrology was given to the students. Nalanda, Takshasila were renowned universities of the olden days. Those parents who did not give education to their children were considered to be the enemies of their own children. But that great tradition of education for which India was known as an honourable country lost its name and fame due to foreign invasion. In Mughal period, there was no proper arrangement in education. After the coming of British, they changed the pattern of Indian education. They made English compulsory so that they might produce clerks who could be able to work for them efficiently. Unfortunately, even after independence the same system of education is continued till today. When some of our great leaders found this system defective, they tried to abolish it. Gandhiji introduced Basic education which vocational Education made compulsory. There are so many committees were organized to raise the honour of Indian education, Radha Krishna Commission (1949) Mediate Commission (1953) Sampurnanad Committee (1962) Kothari Commission (1968) were...
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