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OUR NATIONAL EMBLEM Every free nation has a national emblem. It appears prominently on things connected with the government. The emblem represents the authority of the nation. It is used exclusively for official purposes. Our national emblem is an adaptation of the capital of Ashokan Pillar, now at Sarnath. The emblem shows only three of the four lions, which are visible, which are visible on the Ashokan Pillar. The wheel portrayed in the center of abacus has a bull to the right and a horse to the left. The words “SATYAMEVA JAYATE”, which means “truth alone wins”, are inscribed below the abacus in the Devnagri script. The emblem is used on all official stationery, and seals of the government publication, and films produced by the Films Division. Coins, currency notes, all carry the emblem on their crockery and cutlery. It is also used on the postal envelopes, inland letters, post cards etc.