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OUR ROAD SAFETY AT CROSSROADS The year 2009 witnessed over 125,660 road fatalities. With the death toll keeps mounting year after year, neither the central government, nor the state enhances the system! The 23 rd Road Safety Week was observed from January first to 7th, 2012. It is alarming that the number of road accident victims in India tops the list! The toll mounts worse than earthquake and other natural calamities! The first week of New Year 2012 was observed as the, “Road Safety Week.” But all these became a mockery as no effort is put to minimize the number of road related accidents, though manual blunders like over speeding, drunken driving, disregarding traffic rules and signs, getting the- license easily without being qualified for it, impatience among drivers, fatigue while driving and taking nap at the wheels – all these man-made errors also add up. It is the responsibility of the two governments to help avert the accidents due to bad road condition, poor illuminations, bribing the concerned when intercepted for traffic violations, getting the license by ‘satisfying’ the issuing authorities, etc. It may be recalled that the Sundar Committee Report quoted the necessity for formation of the “National Road Safety & Traffic Management,” about five years ago,...
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