OUR SOLAR SYSTEM: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master December 13, 2015 No Comments
OUR SOLAR SYSTEM   We as inhabitants of Earth are an integral part of the Solar System. Its study can explain why and how Earth is our home, while the other planets are not. The Solar System was formed when a huge cloud of gas condensed millions of years ago and formed solid objects. They gradually joined to form the Sun and the nine planets around it. At the time of its birth, most of the gas got driven away from the Sun because of its intense heat and vaporized. This led to the heavy metal elements to settle near the Sun and form the four rocky inner planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, while the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune emerged as huge gas bodies. Lying between the inner and the outer planets is an asteroid belt, which is said to consist of many asteroids orbiting the Sun. The discovery of little Pluto, which is not really considered a planet of its own, led many scientists to believe that many more celestial bodies of the kind were waiting to be discovered in the future. Pluto is found on another belt of objects known as the Kuiper Belt Object that is located outside the orbit...
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