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OVER POPULATION- A DANGER TO OUR ENVIRONMENT Overpopulation is the most difficult problem being faced by our country. Every four seconds, a new baby is born. In other words, we are adding every year a new Australia in terms of population. Our population has already crossed the one hundred crore mark with the birth of Astha in May 2000. It is forecasted that by the first quarter of the 21st century ours will be the largest populated country in the world. There is no doubt that overpopulation has endangered our environment. It has disturbed the ecological balance of nature. Forests have disappeared because of reclaiming land for producing more food, to provide shelter for the one million people. This has wiped out our wild life. The result is that once beautiful and green country is being placed in the hands of deadly pollution: when there are less trees, there will be less oxygen to breathe. Already, we feel suffocated. It is giving birth to deadly diseases. The recent study shows that even cancer is linked with the environment and not with genes as it was thought earlier. With the increase in population, there has been an increase in the use of material comforts. More cars, more factories emitting smoke...
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