Essay Writing Topics on PARTITION OF INDIA

English_Master December 16, 2015 No Comments
PARTITION OF INDIA   In the August of 1947, two nations were born from an undivided India, a new Islamic Republic known as Pakistan and a free secular India. The British left India after 350 years of rule leaving a nation divided into two not just physically but emotionally too. Whether partition could have been avoided is a debate that continues to disturb us even today after more than five decades has gone by. During the colonial rule in India, the British, in pursuit of their interests, made a lot of investment in transportation and communication within the country. However, despite their positive contribution to certain aspects of nation building, they remained highly insensitive to the Indians and their sentiments. This led to alienation between the British and the Indian. The British viewed India very categorically, dividing its people into Muslims and Hindus during the conduct of its census. Though India had great diversity in religion and castes they always lived in harmony until the British came and put everything in a different perspective. They followed the divide and rule policy to strengthen their hold in the country.   The British initially feared the strength of the Muslims, as they were the former rulers of the sub continent for...
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