Essay Writing about PAT BUCHANAN

English_Master May 17, 2016 No Comments
PAT BUCHANAN Pat Buchanan is currently campaigning to become the Republican representative in the next U.S. Presidential elec­tion. He is credited with striking a chord amongst the main stream, blue collar sector of the country. This is because he has based his economic platform on common myths about free trade and how it is the cause of the economic problems in the U.S. His theme is that layoffs and the closing of Ameri­can plants are the result of foreign companies and countries taking advantage of easy access into U.S. markets which, in his opinion, is not being reciprocated abroad. This is how he accounts for the current trade deficit that the U.S. is running with countries like Japan. Pat’s economic platform regarding trade policy can be summarized as follows: * Impose a 10% tariff on Japanese imports and a 20% tariff on Chinese im­ports. This would generate, in his opinion, $20 billion in gov­ernment revenue and reduce the trade deficit which could be reinvested into the American economy and help create tax cuts for small businesses. * Impose a social tariff on Third World manufactured goods to protect U.S. workers’ wage rates from the foreign laborers who are paid a fraction of what their U.S. counterparts earn. He also...
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