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PAVING THE WAY FOR THE REVIVAL OF ‘COLD WAR’ The unscrupulous nuclear regime was bound to produce such dilemmas and today those are happening and everyone is in a state of dilemma. The independence of foreign policy is jeopardized, the existing traditional relations are threatened and, the whole world feels insecurity and suspicion and all have made the world once again on the brink of the revival of cold war. The process of polarization has started and the entire world seems to be divided into two halves on the lines of religious, strategic and geo-political exigencies. But some of the countries like India which pursued a policy of non-intervention and neutrality are in deep trouble to decide a mid way between the value and issue based diplomacy. The European Union has formally adopted a package of new sanctions against Iran, targeting the country’s foreign trade, banking and energy sectors. Canada has followed suit with its own round of unilateral sanctions. Iran has threatened retaliation for any attack or effective ban on its oil exports, suggesting it could seal off the main Gulf export shipping channel, the Strait of Hormuz, used by a third of the world’s crude oil tankers. In the meantime, Iran has trumpeted advances in nuclear technology,...
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