PEER LEARNING: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John May 8, 2016 No Comments
PEER LEARNING Peer learning is fast gaining momentum. It means, look with difficulty or concentration. While the traditional classroom teaching and learning is imperishable, this peer learning helps one to further enhance one’s knowledge. Better known as the global ‘Peer Learning Networks’ (PLNs), its objective is to sharing and distributing of knowledge, as also acquiring information from many academic dons world over just by a click of the mouse! It has no boundary as one can look for any information, be it about the study material or sharpening one’s talent prior to taking up any written or competitive examination. To make the best use of this free service, log on to website like, Campus bug, academici, Edmodo, research Gate,  Loomagoo, learn hub and Cramster. The material you pursue is readily available, prepared, checked and edited by highly competent professionals. Besides, sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Ning, Slide share and Google Plus also provide all information and study materials. Many students across the country have expressed their gratitude for the wonderful information that comes as a discount to them. They also counsel the students who seek their expertise and guidance. It is when one gets in touch with the familiar stranger (know by name but never met so far), one would...
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