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PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD There is a famous saying that the role of pen is mightier than that of the sword. But unfortunately there are people who believe that the use of force is necessary. The pen expresses a personal or public opinion. It stands for the press, literature, newspapers, books, and other writings. The purpose of all writing is to connect one’s mind with another, to persuade the reader to take up the view which the writer holds on a particular subject. The reader has the right to hold his own view; he may not be convinced of the writer’s judgment and opinions presented to him. We may, therefore, say that the pen stands for the peaceful means by which a person is persuaded to accept the views which the writer holds. No force is used to persuade the reader, but a good and forceful writer forms opinion. But the sword, on the other hand, stands for force. It forces views on others. If they do not accept those views they must be challenged. The sword, therefore, implies force, not reason. The pen is thus preferred of the two. But the sword has its own uses. In the world, there exists not only a good, sincere, honest...
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