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PEOPLE WHO SERVE US DAILY There are many people around us serve us daily and make our lives easy and comfortable. Without these people, life would not be very easy. One such person is the milkman. He brings milk for us and save us from the trouble of standing in a long queue for hours together. He comes and rings our bell early in the morning before we go to school so that we can have fresh milk in our breakfast. Another such person is the newspaperman. Every morning, he brings us the newspaper and thus, we come to know of the happing of the world. Sweeper is another person who serves us daily. Every morning, he sweeps the road in front of our house. He collects garbage from every house and throws into the common dustbin made outside the town. He keeps our house clean and free of germs. Without a sweeper our surroundings would be very dirty. Postman is also very important person who serves us daily. Every day he brings us letters from our near and dear ones. He collects mail from the various letterboxes and takes them to the post office to be sent to various places. Bus conductors and drivers, policeman, peons, washer men...
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