PILGRIMAGE: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master June 7, 2016 No Comments
PILGRIMAGE We must reap great fruits out of pilgrimages. It is indeed very heartening to see thousands of pilgrims marching to the dizzy snow-clad heights of holy Amaranth. By August 24, around a hundred thousand pilgrims will have had the darshan of the lingam in the Amaranth cave. Then will start arrangements for the Haj pilgrimage. Likewise thousands of Christian visits Israel and Palestine every year, where Jesus was born, lived, died and indeed rose back to life. Sikhs from all over the world visit the Golden Temple too. Thus, people of all religions go to pilgrimages. At times it is with a certain hope to attain some benefit or to fulfill a desire or sometimes because a prayer has been answered. Sometimes no material benefit is asked for but only divine grace. Those who have almost fulfilled all their earthy desires go with another hope that of ensuring salvation or immortal or eternal life for themselves. In the process occasionally they even undergo a deep god experience and return converted, showing a marked improvement in their spiritual lives and indeed in their attitudes towards others and inner happiness. Their spiritual quotient becomes higher. They become more tolerant and forgiving of others and as a result often attain greater...
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