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PLACE OF WOMEN IN INDIAN SOCIETY¬† Ours is a hypocritical society. We say one thing. We do something other. We profess morality. We preach values. We give sermons on character. We honour our womenfolk. We place them on a lofty platform. We recite scriptures in their honour. We sing in praise of Sita, Savitri and Damyanti. But we are hollow within. We have given equal rights to our women in our constitution. We talk of women liberation movement. But it is a sad reality that our women are slaves as they were ages ago. It is pleasant to talk about women liberation but no one gives them real freedom India is a male dominated society. Boys are preferred to daughters. Men are superior to women. Man governs unquestioned. The son is always honoured. But why? He will bring us a rich dowry. He will earn for his parents. He will give shelter to his aged parents. He will light the pyre at the time of cremation. He will carry on his father’s generation. What an illustrious achievement! It is a fact universally acknowledged in India that sons are as sincere as daughters. It is also true that sons barring exceptions send out their aged parents when the later are...
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