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PLEASURE OF HONEST LABOUR What you get through your own labour gives you much more pleasure than what you inherit or get by sheer luck. The fruits of labour mean the outcome of one’s own exertions and endeavours, while the gifts of fortune imply inherited wealth, a legacy or a prize won through a lottery. There is real pleasure in honest labour. A farmer undergoes hard toil in ploughing soil, sowing seeds, watering field, and looking after young plants, weeding out unwanted growth, keeping off birds and cattle from damaging crops. But he performs all this cheerfully because he expects to receive his reward. It gives him a thrill to see the harvest ready. It refreshes his eyes to behold the ripe corn. He puts his sickle to grain and derives infinite joy by reaping harvest. His labours have borne rich fruit and his happiness is unlimited. Similar is the case of a business man who invests a small amount of money in a certain enterprise and by dint of hard work and sincere devotion to his business makes considerable profit. He now increases the amount of his investment as well as his industry and makes a still greater profit. By degrees he emerges into the limelight and is...
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